In an ever changing environment, and considering the challenges faced globally now that COVID-19 has been escalated to Pandemic status, it is important that we recognise the importance and safety of our most important asset – our people.

Through a continuous cycle of information sharing, planning, education and vigilance, combined with responding proactively, we are introducing the followings measures:

  1. We are monitoring and acting on the advice of Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation.
  2. Site based staff will have full 24/7 access to an electronic copy of their work planner for the 2 weeks ahead to prevent the need to come into the office.
  3. All staff (including agency and subcontractors working on our sites) to be given a Toolbox Talk on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and given a printed copy of the talk to take away.
  4. Full information will be displayed and available in all site and office accommodation detailing virus prevention methods and action to be taken in the event symptoms are experienced or suspected.
  5. A microsite will be available to all staff which is regularly updated with advice and guidance on how they can help prevent the spread of the virus while looking after each other and continuing to serve our clients.
  6. We are undertaking full business impact assessments across our business to identify potential risks and prepare for the continuation of services under a worse-case scenario. This will include consulting with our clients early to understand which of our live sites will remain operational in the event the level of ‘lockdown’ escalates.
  7. Our IT systems have been upgraded to suit a remote workforce. We use Microsoft Sharepoint Cloud technology to ensure our people can access documents from anywhere.In the event the level of national lockdown escalates, members of staff who are able to work from home will be encouraged to work from home.
  8. If it were to become impractical or undesirable to travel to meet face to face, we encourage finding suitable alternative ways of working, for example the use of video conferencing. We have full skype facilities in our meeting room.
  9. We are ensuring, as best we can, that suitable stocks of PPE, tools and consumables are maintained to enable us to be responsive and reduce reliance and demand on external suppliers.Good stocks of antibacterial handwash are maintained in house and proper and frequent hand washing is encouraged.
  10. We will be consulting with our supply chain to understand what measures and contingencies they will be implementing to ensure that service delivery is maintained to the best of their ability.
  11. It is possible there will be a reduction in the available workforce as the number of confirmed cases locally and nationally increases. Whilst we will aim to maintain a good level of service delivery, our responsive engineers will prioritise reactive callouts on a case by case basis; emergency callouts will be respondedon a first come, first served basis.
  12. We will contact residential householders ahead of any works undertaken in their property to establish whether any members of the household are displaying symptoms of the virus. Should they be so, the appointment will be postponed and the householder contacted again in 14 days.

We remain ready to support you and our usual lines of communication remain open, including the Helpdesk. Please visit our Contact Us Page for full contact details.


This page will be updated and added to as necessary.


Wednesday 25 March 2020.